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Alfonso Bottiglieri, Chemist, Scholar and Researcher of the Aloe Arborescens and Aloe Barbadensis, after his travel experience in India, South America, Africa and Israel, which lasted thirty years, came to discover the Essence of a trip in which the Aloe becomes the main character as....

"Silent Healer"


"Resurrection Plant"

until to present in ALOE CENTER a program of new and interesting Products exclusively with Aloe, of exceptional effectiveness for the health, the well- being and the consciousness of man.
Today,  ALOE CENTER intends to present and to discover personally to everyone, to have available in the creation something unique and scientifically balanced:

Essential and vital elements of indescribable importance for the organism, both for humans and for animals and plants at any time, place and circumstances discerned correctly.


In the ALOE CENTER, as experience has shown us, the Aloe attends to a multitude of different and variable ailments, of endless malaises. It can be used for external use: from simple insect bites to burns, until the skin protection against various atmospheric agents. "Moisturizing three times more than water, it is for skin beauty and life".
Thanks to its immense healthy properties when taken for internal use Aloe gives benefits to the blood circulation and lymphatic system by stimulating detoxification, purifying organism and its natural defenses. Aloe is effective in digestive and intestinal disorders by supporting physiological functions of the entire gastro-intestinal system. It promotes the balance of the energy metabolism also for the rediscovery of right body weight. Aloe plays beneficial effects on the urinary-genital system and assists the physiological function of the prostate. It is even a help for the well-being of osteoarticular functions, muscular system, respiratory and nervous system favouring natural good humor.

"Aloe gives real benefits in man's walk of life, becoming part of man's life, giving it Eternal Love that only God knows ... "

The workmanship of all products based on Aloe produced and distributed by ALOE CENTER which today are, ESSENCES of Aloe, FOOD SUPPLEMENTES of Aloe, FUNCTIONAL FOODS with Aloe Code Formula , is entirely handmade and infinitely accurate:

Keeping in mind the extraordinary virtues of the plant and the well-being which works in the organism, ALOE CENTER undertakes to introduce all products based on Aloe without preservatives, chemical additives, excipients, stabilizers, using Certified Organic Ingredients, to give the plant the possibility to offer its complete activity.

For its productions ALOE CENTER uses fresh leaves of Certified Organic Aloe plants of Italian origin having all the main natural activities and properties of an Aloe Plant, cultivated in its natural habitat. Recently, ALOE CENTER initiated the conduct of its plantation of Certified Organic Aloe plants to control directly every stage of the process, from the fresh plant to the finished product.












These formulas have been created by ALOE CENTER for those looking for a deep well-being, real and lasting, in fidelity to this intention they will be used in the best SPA, Hammam and Fitness Centers.

For internal use,  ALOE CENTER has developed a wide range of Specific Food Supplements of Aloe Arborescens with Officinal Herbs to direct Aloe to all organs and body systems to promote every their proper physiological functions. These Phyto-Extracts of Aloe Arborescens are Energy Food Supplements able to provide a specific support for an immediate relief. They also are characterized by the High Adaptogenic Potential of Aloe, the Adaptability Property allows Aloe to be used by whoever desires to try its extraordinary beneficial wide-ranging strength.

In function of the ailment, ALOE CENTER recommends specific combinations of the extract of Aloe Arborescens, Aloe Mannitol with one or more Specific Phyto-Extracts of Aloe Arborescens.
Phyto-extracts of Aloe Arborescens as Energy Food Supplements meet successfully the specific requirements of Sport and all meditation techniques like the Yoga.

The Gjubjaloe – the extract obtained by cold precessing from fresh leaves of Aloe Arborescens of Certified Organic plants of 5 years of age of Italian Origin – is a Gel of Aloe Arborescens of exceptional effectiveness in the myriad of ailments of the digestive, gastrointestinal and uro-genital system; it plays an invigorating action strengthening the immune system’s defences and as Energy Food Supplement it is an essential complement for Sport.

In addition to offering unique products of Superior Quality, the ALOE CENTER offers its own experience and deep knowledge for advices on products and treatments offered to individuals and companies.

For external use, ALOE CENTER want to present Essences of Aloe made of All-Natural and exclusive Ingredients allowing Aloe to release all its deeply moisturizing, regenerating and purifying power.

In ALOE CENTER was born a particular product based on Aloe for the Scalp which combats hair loss and promotes hair regrowth, in addition there will be ointments and tonics, masks with Gold and mud based of pulp of Aloe Arborescens and Barbadensis; products of exceptional effectiveness for the general well-being and health of the skin. For those operators working in the field of wellness and beauty, ALOE CENTER will provide a specific line of Essences of Aloe for external use characterized by the combination with particular ingredients for innovative treatments based on:

- Chocolate and Aloe
- Coffee and Aloe
- Whey and Aloe







ALOE CENTER also has created "Superior Quality" Food, first series of foods that contain within themselves the exclusive presence of the Aloe Code Formula which is the ALOE CENTER 's Authentic Key that as Element of Eternal Life can reassess the common Food in Functional Energy Food:

“Coffee, Chocolate, Olive Oil, containing the Aloe Code are the first tools of a balanced and beneficial diet, specifically created by ALOE CENTER to restore a Life of Health and Consciousness for the common man, the business man, for athlete and Yogi”

In the ALOE CENTER were born the following Exclusive Food Creations:

- CHEESE natural, organic and conventional with the Aloe Code, without preservatives
- CHOCOLATES energy, with the Aloe Code of Superior Quality (tablet, grains and praline, with or without stuffing heart)
- WINE in truth with the Aloe Code, without sulfites
- OLIVE OIL with the Aloe Code, preserved for longer time
- CEREAL FLOURS like Barley, Kamut with the Aloe Code (for genuine biscuits of Top Quality and for Pasta Fitness)
- COFFEE with Aloe Code - New excellent combination that allows to reduce the acidity of coffee and makes caffeine more easily tolerable. Revolutionary are the preservation conditions of the Aloe Coffee which is preserved in its aroma and its taste for longer time without the vacuum relief  and the valve on the package -
- VEGETABLES with Aloe Code which present a genuine and authentic taste, preserved the Natural Original Characteristics of Food of Agricultural Origin and for longer.

ALOE CENTER has worked in this direction to offer through the Aloe Code, AUTHENTIC FOODS, HEALTHY, EXCLUSIVE, able to offer a real answer to the organic sector on the one hand, and extraordinary benefits in case of food allergies and intolerances on the other. In addition, all foods subjected to the Natural Treatment Aloe Code find their optimal use in Sport and Meditation as highly functional foods, given their high energy value and their true authentic genuineness.

For information about professional collaborations and interventions with the use of Aloe Code within the Agro-Food Processing Sector, the ALOE CENTER di Bottiglieri Alfonso remains at your disposal and offers his deep knowledge and assistance.




As a result of extensive experimental Research trials in which combinations are made without preservatives or stabilizers, with no chemical additives, of the Aloe Code with Foods of all kinds, with extraordinary optimization results with no alterations of any kind of the specific organoleptic properties, revaluations have found that rather excellent because Originally,

today, the ALOE CENTER of Bottiglieri Alfonso, has set his work in the agro-food organic and conventional, which leads the Aloe Code Formula within the Worldwide Agro - Food System to optimize production processes of the Food Industry and Agro-Livestock Farms, introducing natural and organic methods in fidelity to the program "Revolutionary International System" promoted by the person of Alfonso Bottiglieri.