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KristAloe - Aloe Chocolate Quality Sign - is the first Aloe Chocolate, which taste is open at the Harmony Ecstasy in the rediscovery of the Real Essence of Chocolate. His Energy Character is promoted by the Draining Beneficial Action of the Aloe Code which in KristAloe is able to expand the breath in the symphony of listening in  universal taste.

For Plenitud of Taste in  a breathed Love...


Gloria Dei
Our Lady of dark and white Aloe Chocolate with the Authentic Aloe Code covered in alimentary Gold 23 Kt.
The Passion
The Christ of dark and white Aloe Chocolate with the Authentic Aloe Code.
The Holy
Padre Pio, St. Rita, St. Michael The Archangel of dark and white Aloe Chocolate with the Authentic Aloe Code.
Pilgrim's Snack
Aloe Chocolate Wafer with the Authentic Aloe Code in
white Host.

Authentic and Exclusive Organic Treatment
Aloe Code - Formula for Superior Quality -


Preservation Features:
Naturally preserved for longer time. 
These innovative Natural Preservation Conditions 
are permitted by the Aloe Code Treatment and
are the Guarantee for its excellent efficacy.