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The year 2011 has brought back the ALOE CENTER in India, where starts the preparation of new and very extensive plantations of Aloe plant, which will soon be complemented by a new Operational Center of ALOE CENTER.

The previous year saw the ALOE CENTER finalize the creation of the first cultivation  of the Certified Organic Aloe plant in the open along the Roman coast, dutifully conducted according methods exclusively Organic,

and at the same time it was involved with dedication in the preparation of Aloe Arborescens plantations in the countryside of San Giovanni Rotondo, the Apulia site where St Padre Pio worked actively in the service of God the Father:

A few kilometers from the sea has started a cultivation of 7000 plants of Aloe Arborescens.

The purpose of the foundation of the Farm of ALOE CENTER, characterized by several production units placed in different points of the Earth, is the spread of the correct use on large-scale of the Aloe plant and also to manage and directly control every stage of process, from the fresh Aloe plant to the finished product, it is an Essence of Aloe, a Food Supplement of Aloe, or the Food subjected to the exclusive natural treatment Aloe Code - Formula for Superior Quality -

The Farm of ALOE CENTER will host, according to a totally innovative way, even more than the Aloe cultivation, diversified cultures  - VITICULTURE, OLIVE TREE, HORTICULTURE -  cultivated not only under organic and biodynamic procedures but especially through the employment of Specific Aloe Codes applied to the Agriculture for a deep Optimization and to obtain agricultural products genuine, healthy and functional for the organism.

The Innovative Application in Agriculture of the Aloe Organic Formulas produced by ALOE CENTER provides to the cultures an effective action contrary to the pathogens and parasites, totally organic and natural.

This agricultural production System allows to the ALOE CENTER to operate on the raw materials of agricultural origin, important changesbeneficial only with the help of Aloe Code until you have done a greatfood - highly controlled and healthy - whether it be Wine Aloe, Aloe Oilor Aloe Vegetables ...

This agricultural production system allows to the ALOE CENTER to operate on the products of agricultural origin important beneficial transformations only with the help of the Aloe Code until to obtain a great food - controlled and highly healthy - it is Aloe Wine, Aloe Olive Oil or Aloe Vegetables ...

The Farm


Thoughts taken from the Padre Pio Sanctuary (Sanctuary of Minor Capuchin Friars, "Santa Maria delle Grazie") in San Giovanni Rotondo

We enter Heaven through Love, that is through the things we have loved.

Happiness. God throught the invisible creation consoles the Hearts of those love Him.

The spiritual man realises charity, this realized Love is beauty, and beauty attracts.

For the spiritual man creation is the place where God Nourishes, Comforts, Heals and Saves.

Communion testifies to the authenticity of spiritual life.

Consolation of God is stronger than the suffering caused by evil. 

Evil has roots in the spiritual world and can be overcome only with spiritual weapons.

Love is the Way of the New Man.

Man becomes what he Contemplates.

Man cannot defeat evil alone but he must fight it with Christ and in Christ.

Christ's gaze communicates the Victory over death.

We are able to live the Divine Life because God was made Man.