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"Kristaloe" is the Project of health, wellness and consciousness based on Aloe Arborescens and Aloe Barbadensis aimed to provide a real benefit to the HUMAN BEING who is understood in his true essence of Soul, and then in its original constitution:




The Aloe Center will stop and improve the specific problems of those seeking help, with its large personnel, through the Myriad of internal and external treatments, with the Pure Essences of Aloe, Natural Remedies based on Aloe and the Foods with Aloe produced by ALOE CENTER, with qualified physiotherapists and specialists, saunas and thermal spas that offer every comfort and relief, so as to go back to Being and to reappear fit again, ready "in good conscience" for the battle of  life against the vanity of this world.

In particular it will be of great help prepare the Kristaloe Project with great care, in smallest details, offering Aloe baths, Aloe mud treatments aimed at a part and also to the whole body.

Alfonso is vigilant in presenting a Project capable to give back the joy of life to those tired lost hope, offering the contribution of all his knowledge in the service of ALOE CENTER and showing fidelity to the intention of a concrete project after a long research which brought him back to Rome, where it was founded the first Center of Aloe, Thank God.

"Everyone is invited to participate readily in the Kristaloe Project,
Whoever is in his real Essence and appropriate knowledge authentic and original, feel to give his contribution to the project itself, by divine inspiration that transcendental insight, in time, place and circumstances to be defined with correct discernment